Why are my LED Lights Flickering? How to Fix?

Why are my LED Lights Flickering

With the era of fluorescent fading off and the new era of LED light setting in, one would think that would be the end of flickering lights. However, this flickering light problem seems to have transitioned alongside the LED lights. Flickering lights are basically unappealing and quite unhealthy for the eyes. In case you have … Read more

How to Stop LED Lights Glowing When Off? 5 Ways

How to Stop LED Lights Glowing When Off?

If you have LED light fixtures that continue to glow, albeit dimly after they have been turned off, it is not uncommon. This usually occurs as a result of residual current in the circuit. However, several other factors can be the cause. I hope to share some of these probable reasons and some troubleshooting tips … Read more

10 Best LED Garage Lights & Our Reviews 2020

Best LED Garage Lights

Working in the garage requires sufficient illumination in order for you to carry out your tasks effectively. One of the best options for lighting you can look at is LED lights and we have decided to write extensively about the LED garage lights. We have also decided to review some of the best LED garage … Read more