15 Best Solar String Lights & Our Reviews 2022

The nights can be dreamy, festive, or set you in the right mode for the season; all you need is one of the best solar string lights to bring forth this surreal atmosphere. They are not just durable but versatile and cost-effective.

By choosing one of the products reviewed in this article, you set yourself apart and show the world you are not just classy but have an eye for quality.

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Top 15 Best Solar String Lights & Our Reviews


ImageProduct NameView Product
1 Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Solar String LightsCheck Product
2 Mpow Solar String LightsCheck Product
3 AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Light Check Product
4 Oak Leaf Solar Powered String LightCheck Product
5 GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights Check Product
6 TOFU Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights Check Product
7 Vivil Solar String LightCheck Product
8 Lemontec Solar String Light 20 Feet 30LED Water DropCheck Product
9 Joomer Solar String LightCheck Product 
10 INST Solar Powered Long Lasting LED String Light Check Product
11 Lemontec Solar String Light, 200LED Holiday String Lighting Check Product
12 LITOM Solar String Lights Check Product
13 Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights Check Product
14 SunnyOn Solar LED String LightsCheck Product 
15DeVida Solar String Lights Check Product

It’s not enough to purchase any solar string lights; you may end up buying a product of inferior quality. However, making a choice is not so easy, not with the many products available on the market with the same claim of being the best. That’s why we took time to research on the very best, they include:

Best Overall Solar String Lights

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Solar String Lights

This powerful light is ideal for your patios and yards. It has a total of twelve lights joined by a 27ft long string and a spacing of 20-inches between each bulb. While each bulb makes use of 1 watt which makes it brighter than the average solar light, there is also a distance of 6ft between the first bulb and the solar panel.

With a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, they produce warm, bright light and not the harsher version known with cheap LEDs. In spite of its high power, the light can last for about five to six hours when fully charged while it takes the solar panel up to six hours to fully charge.

It comes with a clip that can be used in hanging the solar panel to a roof or a fence and a ground stake too; it is weather resistant and will transform your yard or patio into an outdoor retreat center.


  • They are water-resistant
  • They are efficient
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • It is costly

Best Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

2. Mpow Solar String Lights

Do you crave a transformative look for your patio and yards? Then the Mpow Solar String Light is just what you need. With 100 illuminating LEDs, which give off a warm light, every night is turned into a starry night.

It works in eight modes, which include: combination, fading, chasing, slowly, twinkle, fireflies, and the steady-on lighting mode; these modes can be chosen based on the occasion. It is made with a flexible, 33ft ultra-thin copper wire that can be bent to any shape of your choice.

They are also easy to store away when not in use and are powered by solar energy, which can last up to ten hours when fully charged. It has an auto-on during the day and off at night mechanism and is IP64 waterproof. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It is waterproof and heat resistant
  • Comes in eight lighting mode
  • It has 100 brilliant LEDs which gives off warm white light
  • It is bendable and can take on any shape


  • Could have a more sensitive motion sensor
  • The On/Off switch sometimes malfunctions

3. AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Light

In search of a fairy light to light up your patio and give it a warm, ethereal look? Then the Amir Upgraded Solar Powered String Light is the ideal solar light for you. This light is used exclusively for decoration as they are tiny.

Made of high-quality and flexible copper wire, along with a coiled bobbin wire to avoid a lot of mess, it is very versatile and can be bent to take on any shape. They are environmentally friendly and easy to store and have a high energy conversation rate.

Furthermore, they are durable and are safe to use. It also comes with an ON/OFF switch which turns on automatically during the day and goes off at night. It comes with 100 brilliant LEDs and a 360-degree viewing angle, so you are sure every part of your outer space is covered and illuminated with this beautiful decorative light.


  • It is a very bright and beautiful light
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • It is waterproof and durable
  • It is flexible and safe to use


  • The cable is a little short
  • Needs high intensity of sunlight to charge properly

4. Oak Leaf Solar Powered String Light

This is one of the best solar string lights you can ever get. Designed to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the Oak Leaf Solar Powered String Light features six to eight hours of solar charging and can last for as long as sixteen hours when fully charged.

This premium quality LED light is made with 120 LEDs and waterproof thin copper wire. It has a sensor on the solar battery, which is used to control the lighting. It is CE and RoHS certified and has a low power heat insulated copper wire which protects it from overheating and is safe enough to be touched by bare hands as it has a waterproof adapter.

This 6M/19.6ft thin copper wire is extremely flexible and can be coiled using a paper tub to avoid a mess; it is easy to store away, all you need do is reel it in the string light to keep it organized. It has a versatile use as it is bright enough to illuminate dark corners and still create a sentiment.


  • It gives off very bright light
  • It is waterproof
  • The battery lasts for a long time
  • It’s easy to set up


  • It has a long charging time
  • Requires high sun intensity to charge
  • Can only be used for outdoor use

Best Patio Solar String Lights

5. GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights

It is 20ft 6m in length; it is also waterproof and can be used for outdoor purposes without worrying about the rains. It can work for as long as eight hours after it has been fully charged using solar energy. Hence it can last all night long. It is suitable for lighting your gardens, lawns, patios, porch, gate, and so on as it casts a romantic glow and sets the whole night in the right mode.

It comes with two switches; the first mode is the steady and flashing lighting mode while the other is the power ON/OFF mode. The solar-powered panel can be erected on a 20cm garden spike to get maximum sun from the sky. It is an eco-friendly product and has a high conversion rate. Give your outdoor space that shimmering, silky effect with the GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights.


  • It has excellent customer service
  • The solar panel can charge even on cloudy days
  • It is easy to set up
  • Waterproof and efficient


  • The strings are a bit too short
  • It is not as bright as other solar lights

Best Bistro Deckyard Solar String Lights

6. TOFU Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights

If you wish to sit back and enjoy the ambiance of a warm beautifully lighted night, then look no further than the TOFU Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights. This Italian-styled Bistro light comes in two power modes; the battery mode and the solar panel, this ensures you are covered even on cloudy days.

It takes about six hours to charge after which it lasts for as long as twelve hours, but the bulb remains cool always even while in use. Made with durable technology, it can withstand adverse weather conditions as it is made of plastic shells to avoid breakage and make it last longer.

It features two switch modes, the ON/OFF and the MODE on string lighting. It is also easy to install and has an automatic OFF at dawn and ON at dust mechanism, which makes it convenient. It comes in 100LEDs which has a breadth of 7inches while the length between two bulbs is 1.6ft and a 24.6ft long stand.


  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • Can be installed with ease
  • It is weatherproof and durable
  • Can last a long time when fully charged


  • Hardly charming when it’s just a single strand

7. Vivil Solar String Light

To set the mode right for Christmas, weddings, or any outdoor party, get the Vivil string light. They are solar-powered hence cutting down on cost and have an auto OFF mode during the day and ON at night feature.

This ornamental LED light also comes with an 800mAh rechargeable battery, which can last between eight to ten hours when fully charged. It is a 5ft lead and 20ft wire. It comes with bubble gloves with eight different types of working modes that take your outdoor lighting out of the ordinary.

It has ease of installation and comes with a power and mode dual button situated at the back of the panel box for easy control. With the mode switch, you can alternate between two flashing light effects.


  • Features 800mAh rechargeable battery which can last up to ten hours
  • It is energy and cost-efficient
  • Has an auto ON/OFF mode
  • It is affordable yet made of quality products


  • The battery becomes inefficient overtime
  • The bulbs are not as big as they appear in pictures
  • The light is dimmer than plug-in battery LED string light

Best Colors Solar String Lights

8. Lemontec Solar String Light 20 Feet 30 LED Water Drop

With this solar string light, you are sure to be the envy of your neighbors and visitors. It makes your home come alive in the most beautiful and bright colors. It is powered by solar energy and charges during the day and lights up your outdoor space at night.

You can make use of the hue of white or warm white, blue, or multicolor light to add to the beauty of your environment. It comes with an inbuilt sensor that automatically switches on at night and off during the day.

With only two switches; the ON/OFF button and the bi-mode operating this solar string light has never been made easy. You need not contact the services of a tech guy when it’s so easy to operate. The entire component of the product, which includes the mounting spike, solar panel as well as LED on a string is eco-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

This brand of solar string light is made of quality materials that are guaranteed to last for a long time. If you buy it and it fails the eye test, or for any reason, you are not satisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund with no questions asked.


  • it has a great design
  • it is an environmentally friendly string light
  • It has IP65 waterproof certification
  • It is durable and made of quality material


  • The light is not so bright
  • The solar placement is more detailed than other products

9. Joomer Solar String Light

This is yet another spectacular solar string light available on the market. It is solar-powered and hence requires no additional utility electricity cost and no need to replace the battery. It has a light sensor which is used to put the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

It comes with the ON/OFF button and eight different modes to ensure you are left satisfied. That’s not all; it can withstand adverse weather conditions as it has IP65 certification and has an in-built memory chip that saves your last mode setting, thereby eliminating the need to reset the mode every day.

The 72ft string is ideal for wrapping around a tree or anywhere else such as a patio, lawns, gardens, gates, and so on. The wire connecting the first LED and the solar panel is about 6ft long, a length that allows the panel to be placed in a suitable place.


  • There is no need to replace the battery since its solar-powered
  • it is easy to set up
  • Comes with two switches and eight modes
  • It is waterproof and durable


  • Can only be used for outdoors

Best White Christmas Solar String Lights

10. INST Solar Powered Long Lasting LED String Light

This unique solar-powered LED string light is 100% plastic and very durable as it has a 1800mAh power capacity, a feature that makes it last longer than the old 1200mAh version. It has 100 LED light that is steady and also a flash in a string which forms a beautiful fairy world.

It is IP65 waterproof and made to withstand any weather condition, be it rain, snow, hail, or storm. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration and can be wrapped around trees, wreaths, gates, and so on.

Furthermore, this string light which gives off a great ambiance lighting for your patio, garden, camping, and pathway is easy to install and operate too. It is just right for those with an eye for quality and beauty.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It is easy to install
  • It is an improved version of the old model
  • It is waterproof and durable


  • It is not impact resistant
  • The cable is rather short
  • Requires sufficient direct sunlight before it can charge

11. Lemontec Solar String Light, 200LED Holiday String Lighting

This is an extra-long LED that comes in an extensive arrangement to adequately cover vast gardens, massive patios, lawns, and generally a broad outdoor area. It charges for between six to eight hours after which it can be used for as long as eight to ten hours.

It can be charged with any daylight even when it’s cloudy and hence is ideal for the winter season and also summer nights. To mount the solar light, it is advised that a pole be erected in a well-illuminated area. Erection of pole requires no tool as it can be inserted in a semi-soft soil, also ensure the solar panel is guarded against water to ensure efficiency.

It comes with an auto-on-off button that switches off during the day and is on at night, the bi-mode button too provides a steady and twinkling option. This 200 soft-light bulb is just what you need to add a warm glow to the festive season.


  • Features extra-long LED bulb arrangement
  • Can last up to ten hours when fully charged
  • It is efficient and covers a vast expanse of outdoor space
  • Tools free installation


  • It is not waterproof and hence not durable
  • The solar panel requires a well-lit environment to function effectively

12. LITOM Solar String Lights

This is one of the best solar string lights with ease of installation and practical use that makes it convenient for users. It can be used to decorate your gardens, patios, yards, and so on. It also has IP44 waterproof certification and has an environmentally friendly charging mechanism.

During the day, it charges between six to eight hours to give 1.2V 1200mAh battery capacity, which is enough to light up your outdoor space during the night. To add to the beauty of this unique solar string light, it features two different switches and eight modes.

The first switch acts as the power as it has the OFF and ON mode. While the other one is a converting switch which comes in eight different combinations, these modes keep the light fresh and new for many years to come.

Indeed, this string light, which is eco-friendly, solar-powered, and durable, will serve you well and convert a drab outdoor look into a beautiful world.


  • It is bright as well as beautiful
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor décor
  • It is waterproof and durable
  • It is very flexible


  • The cable is short
  • Requires a lot of sunlight to charge

13. Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

If you are on the lookout for yellow lights with a long-lasting battery lifespan, durable, and yet have lots of LEDs, then the Hallomall LED solar-powered string light is just what you need. It comes in a fantastic design that is appealing to the eyes.

With its soft yellow light, it illuminates your space, making them beautiful. The copper wire is encased in plastic, which makes it resistant to water and other weather condition; it is also very flexible. With a length of 72ft, it is suitable for large areas and purposes while its 150LED ensures it shines very bright.

It has a steady and flashing mode, but the battery will last longer with the flashing mode. It requires about six to eight hours of intense sunlight to charge after which it lasts for as long as ten hours. It has an auto ON at night and OFF during the day mode and is guaranteed to give you value for your money.


  • It is waterproof and durable
  • Very flexible and can be bent to any shape
  • Once fully charged, it can last a long time
  • It features multiple light mode


  • Can only be used outdoors
  • Will only charge under direct and intense sunlight

Best Remote Controlled Solar String Lights

14. SunnyOn Solar LED String Lights

So far, we have reviewed only string lights with simple ON/OFF and mode buttons. No doubt, it’s easy as once set you can forget about it. However, it becomes annoying when you have to turn off the solar panel at night or want to switch to different modes.

Not so with the SunnyOn Solar LED String Light which solves all these problems with a single remote control? With the remote, you can turn off or turn on the light when you wish and change the modes as many times as possible. You can also set a timer so that the lights go off or on at specific times.

The remote control is not its only feature. It also features a lithium-ion battery and full bright LED, which last for as long as eight hours. It is IP65 waterproof, a feature that ensures it lasts longer.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Features a lithium-ion battery, a more quality option
  • It is waterproof and durable
  • It is affordable


  • Can only be used for outdoor décor

15. DeVida Solar String Lights

These beautiful strings of light make your home look like a festival. It comes with long wires which can be wrapped around any tree, stairs, gate, or anywhere else. A pack has about 120 LEDs, a number good enough to light up your indoor or outdoor space.

The lights are made of plastic and have a warm white glow, which makes the design not only simple but gives it ease of use too. It is eco-friendly and automatically lights up at night and goes off during the day, thereby saving energy.

Also, it has a unique orange, purple, and green colored light which brings life to your outdoor space. It is easy to install and can be done without contacting an expert. Keep the holidays festive, your home happy and your life beautiful with the DeVida Solar String Light.


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • It is easy to install
  • One pack is enough to light up the whole environment
  • It is made of quality material


  • Can only be used outdoors

FAQs about Solar String Lights

How Long Do Batteries On Solar String Lights Last For?

Ideally, the batteries in the solar string light last for as long as two years but may last up to three years if used properly.

Do I have to charge the battery in solar string light?

Yes, there is a need to charge the battery in the solar string light in order for the light to function. Charging should be between four to six hours under direct sunlight.

Do solar string lights work better in certain geographical areas?

Yes, they do. Solar string lights perform better in areas where they receive more sunlight. Although they will still work in cloudy or snowy weather, the lights won’t shine brightly nor last for a long period.

Can I buy replacement lights without buying the solar panel?

No, you can’t, you will need to replace the entire solar system. Hence, it is important to maintain the solar light to avoid damage.

Does the system require sunlight to charge it, or merely daytime?

Most systems require direct sunlight to charge effectively and last long too. Although they may still manage to charge during the day, the light won’t be so bright or last for a long time.


The best solar string lights are just what your patios and yards need to bring out the inner beauty in them. They are not only cost-effective but versatile as they don’t need any electric outlet close by.

Are you on the search for a fairy light, remote-controlled lights, Christmas lights, bistro lights, or just goofy lights? A choice of any of these products outlined in this article is guaranteed to transform your home and give you value for your money.

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