8 Best Solar Atomic Watch in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Time never stops ticking, and neither should your wristwatch. However, regular a wristwatch stops working as a result of a dead battery; this disorients you as you tend to lose track of time. But with the best solar atomic watch, this doesn’t have to be the case as it absorbs light from the sun thereby eliminating the need for batteries.

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What is an atomic solar watch?

As the name implies, these are watches that are charged using energy from the sun, thereby enabling users to enjoy the use of their watches for a long time without the need to change the battery. It is efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasant

Advantages of solar atomic watch

There are many advantages with solar atomic watches, one of which is that this watch does not need a change of battery from time to time, unlike regular batteries we are used to. The solar battery in it can last decades without the need for a change.

Another advantage is that it tells accurate time. This is made possible because it never stops running, not unless it’s kept in complete darkness for up to six months. So, as long as the watch is running and in constant operation, it will always tell the accurate time.

It is also reliable as it not only takes light from the sun but also converts light from an artificial source into useable energy. Hence, it’s able to charge either with direct sunlight or artificial light; this feature makes it very reliable.

Furthermore, it requires little or no maintenance and is affordable. The icing on the cake is the fact that it is eco-friendly.

How to choose the Best Solar Atomic Watch?

It’s one thing to get an excellent solar atomic wristwatch; it’s another thing to purchase the best solar atomic watch. As easy as it may seem to be, there are factors to consider before making a choice. These factors include:


Technology is always continually improving and becoming better as the day goes by; therefore it is essential to purchase a solar watch that is in sync with the latest technological advancement to prevent problems and enable it to function effectively. 


This is probably the most crucial factor to consider as it determines if you will be purchasing the product or not. It should be noted that most top-quality solar atomic watches are usually the most expensive and I’m sure you want the best, just like everyone else. The question however is, can you afford it? This type of watch is usually bought by those who appreciate quality, so if you are a first-time buyer, you should have a budget before going ahead to buy a watch. This would prevent you from going overboard and having to regret your decision later, not that you would ever regret though, but it’s always best to work with a budget.


The weather can be sometimes unpredictable, one moment the sun is out shining so bright, and the next moment it’s raining cats and dogs. If your solar wristwatch isn’t waterproof, then prepare to say goodbye as it’s sure to get damaged. If on the other hand, it is waterproof, then it prevents water from getting into core components of the watch that may damage it forever. If you are one of those who love to swim, dive, or engage in any surface water sports, then you will need to look out for a solar watch that is waterproof. Luckily most of the watches reviewed in this article are waterproof, but you may want to retake a look at it to be sure.


Watches don’t just tell time; some do more than that. So, it’s essential to question the motive behind the purchase, why are you buying an atomic solar watch in the first place? You may feel like the more functions it can perform, the better for you, however, this is not always the case, not unless you are a frequent hiker or an adventurer who requires GPS to locate your way.

If it’s office wear you are looking for, then a wristwatch that can tell the time and date will do just fine. But, if you need a timer or a stopwatch that can access different time zone or a watch with digital and analog reading, then that’s fine too. It’s your choice in the end and whichever you choose will serve you well.


Different people fancy different things, which is seen as cool by one person may not be so by another. Yes, we know you want a cool wristwatch, but while being cool, ensure the watch is comfortable enough to wear. If the surface of the wristwatch is too big, it may get hooked on things and this may lead to damage to the wristwatch or may cause you to get injured.

Too thick or too thin wristwatches while being cool may look funny on you. In all, before making a purchase ensure you critically look at the design as this would enable you to make the right choice.

Battery life just like functions in a watch varies, the battery life also differs from one type of solar wristwatch to another. Some last for a long time, while others do not last so long, it is essential that before making a purchase, you are guaranteed that the battery will last for a very long time.


One of the reasons you didn’t go for a regular wristwatch but opted for an atomic solar wristwatch is because of its accuracy. Thus, you must purchase a wristwatch that can tell the accurate time, and that would not malfunction within a short time.


This is also important. It makes no sense to buy a wristwatch whose screen is not clear enough to be seen. No matter how beautiful it may look, you are sure to end up frustrated and angry. Therefore, you must purchase a solar atomic watch whose date and time can be seen and understood clearly.

Reviews of Best Solar Atomic Wrist Watches



Product Name

View Product
1 G-Shock Tough SolarCheck Product
2 Casio Men’s G-Shock GW6900  Check Product
3 SEIKO SSC017 Prospex Solar Atomic Wrist Watch  Check Product
4 Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Watch  Check Product
5 Casio G-Shock Rangeman Master of G Series Stylish Watch  Check Product
6 Casio Men G-Shock GW2310-Tough Solar Atomic Sport Watch  Check Product
7 SEIKO Solar Black Ion Watch  Check Product
8 SEIKO Men’s SSC015P1 Chronograph Solar Power Stainless Steel Watch  Check Product

Having considered the many products available on the market and how difficult it would be for customers to make a buying decision without a proper guide, we took it upon ourselves to bring you the top 8 solar atomic wristwatches. They include:

1. G-Shock Tough Solar

This is one of the best Casio G-shock solar atomic watches we could find, and this is partly because it’s based on the original model, the DW6900, a model known to be the best-selling case design of the brand.

It is armed with a solar atomic time-keeping system, but its basic design was left untouched. With this, you have a product that has an extremely accurate time telling with little exposure to sunlight. Its design is very simple as it does not come with a lot of decorations or colors; these features enable the product to capture the core value of the G-Shock.

It comes with a solar rechargeable battery that can last up to six months once fully charged without a need to recharge and has a Full Auto LED Light with afterglow. It also has multi-band atomic timekeeping that is in sync with countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China.

This is not all; it is also a black IP stainless steel watch and has a resin composite band. With a 200M water-resistant, you don’t have to get worried even when caught up in the rain or find yourself in water. The G-Shock Tough Solar was built to serve you well. 


  • Comes in a simple yet unique design
  • Its size is perfect; not too small nor big
  • It is waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Has both analog and digital display
  • It is unisex


  • None

2. Casio Men’s G-Shock GW6900

This was designed for athletes who are in search of a watch that is waterproof, still, works even when it drops or gets scratched and that is also solar-powered and will not require constant replacement of the battery.

It is a solar-powered atomic wristwatch built with a strong resin which ensures the watch doesn’t incur much damage as it has a shock-resistant mechanism and also an inbuilt LED light. It doesn’t fail in its primary responsibility, and that is to tell the time and date, and this includes the world time.

The feature does not end there; the Casio Men’s G-Shock GW6900 also comes with a multi-band six atomic timekeeping and even alarms daily and has the 12-24 hour time format. It features a 41mm stainless steel case along with a mineral dial window. It is very accurate and is made for those men with an eye for quality.


  • It is shock-resistant
  • Easy to read display
  • It is sturdy and requires minimal maintenance
  • Auto time adjustment


  • It has no sensor

3. SEIKO SSC017 Prospex Solar Atomic Wrist Watch

Looking for an atomic watch that can be used for diving, swimming, running under the rain, and other water sports? Then the SEIKO SSC017 Prospex Solar Atomic Wrist Watch is just right for you. This is an environmentally friendly product that requires no change of battery and is not light selective as all types of light can power it.

This wristwatch has a black dial in which luminous hands and markers, as well as three chronograph sub-dials, are found. With a 43mm stainless steel case and a Hardex dial window, it is sturdy and durable. It also comes with a fold-over clasp as well as a dual-push-button safety.

It can resist water up to 200m (i.e., 660ft) and has a power reserve indicator, and work up to six months once fully charged without recharging. It is made in the US but is also imported from other countries. It will give you value for your money.


  • It’s a true dive wristwatch as it meets all ISO standards
  • It has an excellent design
  • It is bright and has a long-lasting lume
  • Suitable for all apparels except formal suits


  • The buttons are hard

4. Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Watch

There are atomic wrist watches, and then there is the Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color WatchIt features accurate world timing across forty-eight cities and also has an EL backlight. It is water-resistant and stays undamaged up to 200meters (i.e., 600 feet) in water.

It is ideal for serious marine activities and also water surface sports. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for scuba diving; this slight setback does not matter as it remains one of the best products you can ever think of when it comes to atomic wristwatches.

It has a daily alarm that snoozes at the set time, along with a 24-hour format, a tide/moon graph, 31 time zones, and also a calendar that shows the day, date, and month. It comes with a 50mm resin case and even a mineral dial window. It also has a Japanese quartz movement along with a digital display and has a resin band closure. All of these features make it the right choice for you.


  • It is lightweight
  • Snuggly fits into any wrist
  • The backlight stays very briefly to conserve energy
  • It has more solar cells than most Casio products


  • The surface is hard to read
  • Not suitable for scuba diving

5. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Master of G Series Stylish Watch

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman Master of G Series Stylish Watch is the latest addition to the master of G series in the world of tough and rugged watches that ever existed. It is designed to withstand even the most grueling conditions as it makes use of a shock-resistant tri-sensor which is capable of maintaining altitude, temperature, barometric readings as well as direction readings all at a glance.

It has cylindrical buttons which provide a fantastic operating system and is resistant to impact while the sensor button which is located at the center-right features a metal cover that guards it against lateral impact while also keeping foreign objects away.

By pressing its sensor button in any mode it may be in, it takes you straight to a sensor screen. Each of these sensor modes features its audible tone which means you can select any mode without having to look at the watch. This is not all; it also has sunrise/sunset data, one-touch time recording, a one-touch elapse time measurement as well as durability and toughness known with G-shock.


  • It comes in two colors
  • Its display is very easy to read
  • It is very tough and requires minimal maintenance
  • It gets updated constantly


  • The light doesn’t last more than two duration

6. Casio Men G-Shock GW2310-Tough Solar Atomic Sport Watch

This is a well-designed solar watch that can be used by athletes, professionals such as divers, and people generally engaged in an active lifestyle. It does not fail in its duty to provide excellent features example which includes a sturdy exterior, shock absorption, and water-resistant, all of which enable it to function as it should.

It has multi-band atomic timekeeping that conforms to countries like the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. With its full EL backlight that has an afterglow, you get to see the time even in the dark. It is set to show world time, with about thirty-one time zones (plus UTC), city codes as well as daylight savings.

Furthermore, it can be used to set alarms and also comes with a pre-configured calendar. Its count-down clock is very accurate, and it can display time in 12 and 24-hour format. It also helps to conserve and save battery and can last up to ten months without being solar charged.

All these features, among others, make Casio Men G-Shock GW2310-Tough Solar Atomic Sport Watch the best choice for those who wish for an atomic solar digital watch with durability and multiple functionalities.


  • It is ideal for everyday use
  • It is well-engineered and durable
  • The backlighting works effectively
  • It is very accurate


  • The band tends to wear out over time

7. SEIKO Solar Black Ion Watch

From SEIKO makers of exceptional timepieces comes yet another fantastic product, SEIKO Solar Black Ion WatchWith its sleek design and its abundant power reserve, this is just the right product for those seeking something classy and stylish.

This Japanese quartz timepiece comes with up to ten months of energy reserve. It is plated with a black ion on its stainless steel case and also has a bracelet that makes it not just durable but pleasing to the eyes as well. And this is the best stainless steel atomic solar watch.

Also, it is combined with its patterned sunray dial, which is black along with silver-toned hands and markers, all of which results in an elegant-looking and beautiful timepiece. In addition, the dial is covered with a Hardlex crystal dial window, a feature that makes it scratch-resistant.

This amazing wristwatch can also be counted upon for accurate date display, with its date positioned at 3 o’clock. With this, you can go swimming and engage in other water surface sports to your heart’s delight; it will hold still as it has water-resistant up to 100 meters. With all these features mentioned, you can’t say no.


  • It is beautifully designed
  • It is reliable and affordable
  • Can be used in water
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It sometimes doesn’t recharge
  • It’s hard to read in low light

8. SEIKO Men’s SSC015P1 Chronograph Solar Power Stainless Steel Watch

Again, we bring to you another fantastic timepiece from SEIKO, this time it’s the SEIKO Men’s SSC015P1 Chronograph Solar Power Stainless Steel Watch. It is suitable for adventure underwater and goes well with most attire, even suits.

It doesn’t disappoint in its role as a solar-powered diver’s watch as it has a six months power reserve and superb features for diving. This all-important diver’s watch is made to be 200meter water-resistant; it also has a screw-down crown along with a screw-down case to reinforce its water-resistant ability.

To enable it to keep accurate time underwater, it makes use of a unidirectional rotating bezel along with a luminous pip positioned at the 60-minute mark and also a sizeable luminous hand and markers. It works by engaging the Japanese quartz movement but also provides other handy features example which includes a chronograph and a date display positioned between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

Furthermore, to make this timepiece last for a more extended period, it was designed with a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal which covers the dial window, the steel is also stainless for the case as well as the bracelet, and the top ring of the bezel is also ion plated.


  • It has a timeless look
  • It is a solar-powered dive watch
  • It is water-resistant and durable
  • It is sturdy


  • The luminous insert located at the noon position on the outside bezel often falls out
  • It’s hard to read in low light

How to Charge an Atomic Solar Watch Fast?

To charge an atomic solar watch, place the watch close to a light source, most preferably daylight. The ideal place to position the watch would be a window ledge or if you are outdoors then place it on your shirt sleeves to expose it to sunlight. To charge the watch completely, it will take up to twenty hours or more under direct sunlight and about sixty hours when the weather is cold.

However, when artificial light is being used to charge, then the hours are long as it requires about 150 hours under artificial light for the watch to fully charge. If you are going to be using artificial light, then it’s best to keep the watch at least 20 inches away from the light.

Temporal Charging

Sometimes we do not have the luxury of time, and yet we need our watch to be charged. What to do? Place the timepiece under direct sunlight for up to three minutes; this would give it 24-hour worth of charging capacity. If you are going to be using artificial light, then leave it for as long as three and a half hours to give it the same 24-hour worth of charging capacity.

This should be done at least once a day to maintain its temporal charging, in the long run, the watch gets fully charged if you keep doing this. Ensure the watch is at least 85% charged before quitting the temporal charging process altogether.

FAQs about Solar Atomic Watch

1. What Are the Differences Between an Atomic Solar Watch And a Solar Watch?

While both watches are powered by solar energy, the difference is that an atomic solar watch is set by using a radio signal broadcast from the atomic clock at the Forte Collins, National Institute of Standards and Technology located in Colorado. This institute is known to give the most accurate time on earth.

An atomic watch’s time need not be adjusted because it is updated daily by the low-frequency signal. Also, an atomic watch does not need a battery, thereby making it one of the most maintenance-free watches you can ever get.

2. Are Atomic Watches Fashionable?

Most solar watches were designed with style and class in mind and are incorporated with leather, gold, and diamonds. They are ideal for outdoor use by athletes and are made of durable materials and also have multiple functions. They are very fashionable as they come in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

3. Does an Atomic Watch Stop Keep Time in the Dark?

No, an atomic watch works both during the day and at night. It features a solar panel that is used to convert light energy into electrical energy and then stored in a rechargeable cell. It’s this rechargeable cell that keeps the watch powered at night.

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Atomic solar watches are not just reliable, they are made of quality products as well, and by buying one of the above-reviewed watches, you will never need to purchase any other timepiece as they are the best solar atomic watch you can ever get.

So, whether it’s for diving, swimming, water surface sports, or just for luxury, the choice of any of these timepieces will serve you well and satisfy your needs. They are worth every penny spent, so go ahead and make your choice.

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