5 Best Solar Chicken Coop Lights & Our Reviews 2022

Light is very important when you are nurturing livestock, especially chickens. It may deter predators or create illumination, which is why you should only get the best solar chicken coop light. The right solar-powered chicken coop light makes rearing chickens, especially within your home, easier and more energy-efficient.

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Why You Should Trust Us on This Guide?

The world is going green and everyone is pushing at using tools and equipment that are very energy efficient. Instead of installing lighting systems that will require greater maintenance and consume such a huge amount of power, solar chicken coop light then becomes the right alternative. However, there are many brands of scoop light in all retail outlets, and buyers are often faced with the problem of choice.

We have taken the burden of trying to filter the several hundreds of brands out there to help you streamline your options. We did this by combining the expertise of our trained professionals, who are skilled in analyzing the functionalities and features of scoop lights, and the detailed real reviews from customers who have used the products and taken time to review them.

Top 5 Solar Chicken Coop Lights on The Market

Below is our list of five top coop lights:

1. LightMe Portable 130LM Outdoor Solar Energy Lamp

If you want a chicken coop light that is designed with very modern features, then this device is the best to invest in. It has a dual charging option that uses solar panels and electricity.

Although the solar coop light isn’t crafted to be waterproof it is designed to hold against the humidity that a chicken coop tends to give. Furthermore, when fully charged the light system is capable of giving you between two to five hours of premium 130 Lumen of light daily. It comes with a solar panel with detailed photovoltaic cells that help in converting solar energy into usable electricity. However, the optimal charging requires about five hours to effectively charge under direct sunlight.

Designed to be a wired solar lighting system, this coop light comes with a sufficiently long cable to help you mount your panel, at a desired angle or space, which may be a little farther than where the actual scoop light is. In terms of general aesthetics, if you are a lover of simplicity, then you will realize this coop light is a class of its own. It is very energy efficient and has an awesome power-saving feature. With its 850mah/3.7V battery capacity, be rest assured of an amazing light supply. Overall, the device is easy to install and comes with no additional installation cost.


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Dual-power feature


  • It is not waterproof

2. AIYEGO Portable Rechargeable Battery for Chicken Coop

Illuminate your chicken coop with this eco-friendly light that is designed to provide all the durability you want in a solar coop light. Starting with the general aesthetics, the light is designed with high-grade plastic material, frosted to be anti-scratch, and shock-resistant. It comes in a metal carabiner hook which makes the device very easy to hang and useful for other outdoor activities.

With a well-detailed photovoltaic cell solar panel, that helps to convert solar energy to useful electricity, this lighting system can sufficiently illuminate your chicken coop for about fifteen hours of light. Furthermore, you have three light modes to choose from, each with varying lighting hours. If you are wondering why this device is capable of so much, this is because it is equipped with a 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 1200mah/3.7V. You will also enjoy two charging methods that allow you to use normal electricity sockets as well as the solar charging features.

Also, this device is a convenient alternative to a 3W incandescent light. This is because the brilliant white light has an emission rate of 165LM. The design is further equipped with an IP55 waterproof feature that gives your light enough resistance against humidity and splashes from rain. Overall, it is very easy to install and there’s no additional maintenance cost.


  • Waterproof features
  • Easy to install and portable
  • Three light-mode option


  • Short panel cord

3. Tera Light Solar LED Barn Light

This device is specially designed to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. No matter where you have it installed, be rest assured of an amazingly illuminated space. It is one of the few good lights that can sufficiently supply almost 2000 lumens of quality LED. Starting from aesthetics, the light is designed with high durability in mind. That is why it is no surprise that the device comes with IP65 waterproof protection which keeps the device safe at all times.

Perhaps, one of the most amazing features of this device is its motion detection mechanism that serves as a form of security to your chicken coop. It allows you to know if anyone walks near your coop after light hours. You will also enjoy multi-stage light intensity adjustment that helps you switch between different modes to fit into the light requirement for your chicken coop. Furthermore, it comes with a remote control feature to help you switch between on and off without having to near the already installed device.

With a powerful 8000mah lithium battery at 3.7V, this device can supply up to five hours of light. If you are looking for a tough solar lamp, this device is your best bet. It is crafted to be durable and highly sturdy with an aluminum alloy body and tempered glass finish for maximum resistance against everyday use. It is also very easy to install and doesn’t attract any additional maintenance costs.


  • Remote-control feature
  • Three light-mode options
  • Crafted for durability with waterproof feature


  • Difficult one-button operation

4. Viewpick Solar Powered LED Bulb Light

We are always excited to share, with you, products that offer more functions than other average devices would. This device offers a complete illumination solution for your chicken coop in so many interesting ways.

First, you have the photovoltaic panels crafted from high-grade materials to ensure that solar energy is well-tapped and then converted to usable electricity. You also have the plug-in feature that allows you to power the quality 18650 lithium battery. Furthermore, it comes with a USB port that allows you to power the battery with even power banks, in cases of urgency.

Getting a light that offers a triple charging option isn’t so common and this is not all. the device also comes with three light modes which are responsible for supplying as long as eight hours of superb brightness. The device comes in a pair and each of the lamps attached has three LED each which is responsible for great illumination. The device is also very easy to install and durable for lifetime use.


  • Triple charging options
  • Superb LED brightness
  • Easy to install


  • Not waterproof

5. Lixada Solar Pendant Light

Even your chicken coop needs a touch of class and with the Lixada solar pendant light, your scoop becomes effortlessly classy and appears well-maintained. It is sturdily built for perfection, crafted in exotic stainless steel with a matte black finish, this solar lamp is the true definition of class.

You will enjoy an approximated 30,000 hours of premium illumination in your chicken coop or anywhere else you have it installed, and that is not even all. This device comes in two light modes which are also remote controlled for optimal comfort. Since it is designed to drop in a pendant style, it is not surprising that the light comes rotatable and flexible enough to direct the light to the angle you need it to be. When fully charged, this device can supply up to twelve hours of LED-powered bright light.

It is also easy to install as it comes with a three-meters cable for more convenient solar panel positioning. Furthermore, the overall design is powered with IP44 waterproof protection, making the device very suitable for outdoor purposes.  


  • Topnotch aesthetics
  • Waterproof features
  • Easy to install


  • No multi-charging option

How to choose a solar chicken coop light?

Choosing the right solar chicken coop light may be very tricky. This is because of the many brands with similar features that are out there. However, certain features often reassure you that you are getting the right device, and essentially they are three.

Battery Life

You have to be very particular about battery life before settling for a device. The battery capacity and lifespan will determine how much convertible solar energy your solar scoop light can store and how long your device can work for. Do not settle for any device that isn’t lithium and doesn’t have at least a battery capacity of 7000mah/3.5V.


You should always watch out for additional features other than those you naturally expect. These features include how many charging options a device has or if it is remote controlled or if it has waterproof protection, and multiple light modes. The more of these features a device has, the better it is.

Power Efficiency

In a situation where your device has an alternative charging option, you need to make sure that the alternative charging options are energy efficient in terms of low-power consumption. This way, you won’t be burning so much power to charge up your device.

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Paying attention to the amount of light that is present in your chicken coops will help you to manage the birds more attentively and adequately. We have saved you the trouble of having to go through thousands of products before you see the one that best suits your purpose.

We have selected the five best solar chicken coop lights in terms of unique functionalities and durability, they have exciting features that make the light even ideal for other uses aside just for chicken coops. Select the product that best appeals to you on this list and have a different illumination experience.

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  1. These AIYEGO YG-311SL lights are really good. If you need some light to walk outside after dark or you want a night light with no electricity these are great. The lights seem durable and the solar panels are a good size.
    Moreover, its solar panel is durable and built with protective housing. You can fix it on a roof or somewhere with adequate sunlight.


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